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Monday, July 23, 2018

Switzerland and Important people

Chapter one 

Where to begin...

Lets start with facts :

Switzerland is 1/4 the size of the state
of Washington. 
Mountains are closer together
Our Cascades and Olympics are just
as awesome
AND  the Matterhorn hides behind
clouds as much as Mt. Rainier 

We stayed in Interlaken. 
The five of us, Tiffany, Dale, Damon, Darrell  and me
 In a 3 bedroom Chalet, opening to a small garden

Someone fed the birds breakfast on the patio.   

Then we would go off on daily excursions, using our Swiss Rail pass which covered trains, buses and many gondolas and trams. 

Along the way we see the River Aare.  It is huge and splits into two parts and we are in the middle
                                                              Interlaken - middle of two 

And this is in the center of the community
and there is public viewing of the World Cup
So that is where our soccer fans spent the first three nights

Private viewing by a little family

casual observers reflecting 

And that is the end of the first day.
Now we take a ride up  and  up   

Pictures do not do it justice ( especially mine ) but you get the idea.  Pretty spectacular  

 Highlight of the day:

We got into a conversation with another "tourist"
Turns out he is
The American Ambassador to Switzerland
( he is the man on the right )
 He was travelling with two ladies. One a photographer and the other into finance and fashion.     I took their picture and then they posed for a shoe picture.


THEN:  Finance lady said she twirled.  And she did, while singing a few lines of the sound of music. 
You will have to hum along on your own because I only had my little camera with me and no sound

Hope it comes through for you. We had a fun experience on that mountain and I even got to step into a little snow.    

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