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Sunday, June 26, 2016

sort of random - totally random -


A visit to Harborview Medical Center / Hospital
When my daughter walked into the hospital, the first thing she saw was a man in orange. You know, orange pants, orange shirt with a number on it, and chains. Chains around his ankles and wrists.

This is the County Hospital, University of Washington Physicians, the best of the best

        and, they treat everyone, even jail birds.

When we arrived we stopped in the cafe.  The wall mural below is interesting but the man in front of it was oblivious.  He was very intent on eating.  During the 3 hours we came and went, we continued to eat, we counted four trays.  He wiped the tray, the plate the table, and cut and separated his food with diligence.    We could see him through the doors of the surgery waiting room.

At the county hospital, you obey all the rules. It is the right thing to do.  I only touched the door knob with my baby finger, but did not enter. 

Glad there is staff and it is the right thing to let them have their own elevator

This is the scene from the parking lot as we are leaving....Seattle 
And this is the hilicopter that  is taking off from the parking lot "airport". We think they are taking the man in orange back home.

Why does it look like the flag is checkered ?  

Two days later we are at  Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center / Hospital and the first thing we see is  JOHN OLERUD JERSEY AND much more.
He just happens to be our favorite Blue Jay, Met, and Mariner of all times ! 
  and our friend  

From the window by our sisters bed we see a ladder and empty boots
The window washing team is here...we caught Batman, but the other heroes were there and busy

Perfect stranger in the funest outfit.

Window by the waiting room 

 Helicopters come and go from Provident too.   My mother would say, someone is probably going to have a baby.

Two days later, and no ladder, but the boots are ready when you are !

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