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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Not just another day

or just another week to write about.
But writing helps me to process.  This blog is usually light hearted, But today it is just reality.

The week  started with a flight to Minneapolis
 taking our 5 year old grandson with us

Spent two days with family. One day at the neighborhood park and coffee shop
                One day at the Mall of America.

Then a road trip down to a Family Bible Camp in Iowa
                with two grandchildren.

It is Saturday and after another day of walking and walking, my sprained foot is even more swollen and now a little red.     First night with extreme pain in my foot, but by morning ok.

Sunday we travelled back to Minneapolis

This is when we got a phone call from family
    My sister in law has had a heart attack, surgery and is now in an induced coma.

Monday we give hugs to Minneapolis family  and fly back home.

Tuesday we get the call that my sister in law will be sedated for another 72 hours.

A doctor appointment for me: Stay off foot as much as possible. No more walking the malls.
           No wonder the swelling increased.

Tomorrow, our daughter is having surgery.  Once she is home and settled we will get ready to
   go to Spokane.   The 72 hours will be up on Friday.  

That is our desired arrival .

We do not know what a day will bring forth.
But today, we have great hurt, and much to be thankful for.
              It could not be possible without Jesus.
                    He has promised to be with us
                             at all times.

today: June 14
Psalm 9:9  The Lord will be a refuge in the times  of trouble
( these are the times ) 

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