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Saturday, June 4, 2016

A memorial

Saying goodbye to a friend.

The room was ready. Tables were set  with white table cloths, fresh flowers and a sprinkling of seashells.
A buffet of sandwiches, shrimp, fruits, homemade macaroons,  and much more
At the appointed time we were quiet and the memories began.
 First the timeline of her  life, career, family and some of the loves of her life.
She was barely 50 years old.

Then the personal sharing
For those who did not know her  on a personal level,  you became aware of the woman those closest to her understood.
She loved sand, the sea, dancing, the Dave Matthews  band and her family. She was close to many friends who spoke about fun times with her, but they also made it clear that Vauna was very intelligent.  Not to be flaunted as though it made her worth more as a person, but her expertise took her to very high levels in the workplace.  She was a positive person, hardworking, and loving.  Loved and respected by many. 

Greatest sharing came from a cousin, with his arm around his aunt  as he told about  faith in Jesus and told the plan of salvation. This is the faith that the family grew up in and gave them purpose and strength. 

The most touching was from the young  daughters,
Their Mom made them feel like they were the most important part of her life.
 What a special  gift.

What gifts am I giving to my children, grandchildren and friends? 

There is no greater gift than telling  the plan of salvation . The love of Jesus. 

Share the good news today ! 

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