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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 20 2016

Not just another day 

view from Sharon's room 

Saying goodbye to our sister, our friend, loved by so many ….
     Sharon.  She is 73 , 5 foot 2, eyes of blue.  Missing part of one finger because her brother chopped it off when she was just a year old, he was 3.  They love to tell that story over and over.
But this story is not a funny story. Sharon had a heart attack on Sunday. We drove to visit her as soon as we could.  On Friday I was alone with her for about 3 hours. I talked to her, and sang to her, while I am sure she was listening. After  6 days the breathing tube was removed.   A little adjustment, her breathing  smooth,  sleeping soundly.  Snoring. We continued to talk to her and even sang a line or two from an old favorite “I love you a bushel and a peck”.  She was in room 269   She was raised in a Christian home and still loves Jesus.
  Today she went home to be with Jesus. 
We are sad, very sad. 
But there is joy in heaven.

Before we left home we called  a cousin to let her know about Sharon.   We discovered another family member was at the very same hospital. On the same floor.
    Sam, 26 years old, 5 foot 11, dark hair, tattoos on his extremities, face, just about everything that is not covered.  A few little studs seem to be part of his knee decoration.
His story is not funny either.  He was riding a Harley and ran into a deer.  This threw him into the path of a car that could not stop in time.  His injures are from the neck down. ( no brain, or head involvement )  A crushed lung, lost a kidney, both legs broken. Other injuries too.  He has a tube in his mouth and is unable to speak, but he can hear our conversation.
We were able to visit with his parents, grandfather and with the patient himself, briefly.
He is in room 244  He was raised in a Christian home. 
We do not know when he might be going home.

While visiting in room 269 a young man, his wife and son came by.
 Steven.  He is 30 , tall dark and handsome. And while cleaning an auger, his arm got caught.  We thought he would lose his hand, or at least some fingers.  It happened in January  He showed us his hand and the scars.  All 5 fingers still there !   His little son was only slightly entertained by the bubbles I happen to have in my purse, but, when I showed him photos on my camera, he knew exactly what to do with his little finger and he was smiling. 
Steven  comes to the hospital for therapy and gets to go back home. 
He was raised in a Christian home and is thanking the Lord for his recovery.

Today is June 20, 2016,  a day we will always remember. 

We said goodbye to our dear girl,

 but she left behind memories that will last until we join her in 


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