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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


When you get to go out for lunch after Bible study
you might forget to pick up your lesson because you are so excited
I guess I was, because I forgot. 
( available later on line, thankfully )

believe me, this was a very special luncheon

so exciting that
on the way home, 
one of my 4 BSD's  saw an exit
to I-90 and told me just in time

but, it was going west and we wanted to go east

let me just say,
at this point I believe the other BSD's all 
seemed to see the same banner
 " Do your best back seat driving and help this lady out "

heading in to Seattle is ok, you just get off the first
exit, that happens to say north.
It was not long  before...
BSD # 2 says, you don't want to go north.

north or south, you just turn around and get back on 
I-90 going east

There was no warning from anyone when we hit a huge puddle on the freeway.
Our van was completely covered  in that splash.  
Hang on, we are still going straight and have renewed visibility

But. the exit we want has a long line
BSD # 3 says she always goes up to 148th 

Easy,   Getting close now.
BSD # 4 says that she always turns before hitting
that terribly busy intersection by Sears.
 She always takes Bel/Red road.

Done.  and another 5 minutes and we are back to the parking lot.

Excitement is kind of tiring...if you know what I mean.
a little nap 
and then an email surprise

Two tickets  to a concert Saturday night !! 
   Thank you Audrey !

I live an exciting life. 

fb 2/17/15

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