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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Octogenarians...keeping an active life

Age is a factor.
        You have to live with it.
              ( is that profound or basic ? )
It just impresses me that there are some Octogenarians that never seem to give their age a second thought.

Like Marie.
      Marie has been living life to the fullest for so long. In fact, there is book about her and her hubby, so I will not go into all the details. 
       There is some proof of her gifts that I captured during a visit last Spring.

 At home in the kitchen. Homemade soup and much, much more
canning, lots of canned goods behind those curtains

                    Fine quilting
                      Very fine quilting

And that is just a taste.   

Our next visit was in December

The story is a miracle.  
Marie and her husband were out for a drive and suddenly had car trouble.  No sooner had Sandy gotten out of the car, than an ambulance came by and asked if they needed help.  Yes, they did, so Marie got out of the car, fell down a hill, landed in the mud and broke her hip.   And those medic men were right there.

So we were able to visit her ( you can see her smiling and agreeing to being photographed ).     When we said goodbye we had no idea that in one short week, she went to her heavenly home. 
There are no tears in heaven. 
But she is greatly missed here .

1 comment:

Bel McCoy said...

Being an octogenarian, I am VERY careful not to fall!!! Those broken bones are bad!

How good you got to see her in the hospital before she passed away.