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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


         but where is it coming from ?

Thankfully, we always check those batteries
and you do too, right? !

Then, why is  one empty?  

Well, the noise is getting louder.   And it seems like it has shifted to the garage.

No smoke.
Checked the wood stove.
All looks good.
  Time to call the expert.
Hubby !

Not too far away, so it does not take him long to get home and then not too long before he realizes
The noise is coming from the garbage can.

That discarded defective   smoke detector
 is now deafening us.

Guess they call that a false alarm
oh,  the empty box, was not a smoke alarm. It is the electric doorbell.

I live an exciting life( and someday  I will  figure out how to change the margins )

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