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Thursday, July 30, 2020

A little walk in the park

but a little walk in the park 

with a little man at your side
well, the adventure can be  life changing

you see

walking along or in the creek has no price tag

Your feet are cold, but you are brave
Your feet are cold,  but you are brave 

The mystery beyond is worth the risk 

searching, fishing, just splashing along 

Finding a little "something"..then releasing it 

Getting  a little wet is half the fun 

Finding a golf ball    YES ! 
Life is full of small pleasures 

When Grandson is happy, Grandma is happy

little note:  p. 63 in my latest read....In her village... None of the children had toys or books. The boys played cricket in a gully and even the ball was made from plastic bags tied together with elastic bands.

More to think about, and never forget.

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