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Monday, July 13, 2020

Social outing

When you have been in "Quarantine" for several weeks you consider a trip to Trader Joe's a social outing

and that is what I was looking forward to on Saturday.
Getting ready for the family to come to dinner Sunday, so I had a list of a few things for the gathering

Off I went about 8:40  ( to arrive during  the special hour for senior citizens) 
Sunny day, top down on Sabrina and arrived at Trader Joe's in good time
no purse,  no phone,  no drivers licence, no money, no plastic 

A driver at the car next to me,   " sorry I don't have a phone"

Another driver / shopper  and yes, with cell phone... I called hubby.
He was shopping at  the hardware store but as soon as he finished he would scoot home and then pop up to Trader Joe's

Thank you !

Plenty of time to shop !
One more phone call to make sure hubby  knew he had to stop for my purse
Kind T J's clerk ..and very sympathetic about being without  my purse

Shopped and checked with one of the clerks about corned beef and cabbage.  

Chatted with my favorite lady...she does not care for corned beef, but understands that when your son loves corned beef, mom cooks corned beef.

Since I finished strolling around at least twice I  paused in front, and at least two checkers were ready for me but... 
still waiting for $$

then, very cute clerk comes up and asks me what my favorite color is.
Well, I look at my blouse and sweater and mention that I am driving a red car and  say.."maybe red"
before long, cute clerk brings a bouquet of red roses to me and says he is sorry for the bad start to my morning !

Did he know that I was using red white and blue ( staying patriotic for the month of July ) for my dinner ?!

All I can say.
I came home with a bouquet  
and a recipe for cabbage 
and at least one clerk who will remember me
  ( might not know my name, but knows my eyes -I am wearing my mask ) 

I live an exciting life


klamb said...

I have a good recipe for glazed corned beef! My mother's recipe. Want it? Cabbage is optional~

PS I have taken to the "out of fashion" fanny pack with one credit card, my list, and hand sanitizer to take on my early morning ventures out into the world.

justbenme said...

I would LOVE your mom's recipe. Cabbage is very optional,,,,who eats it? I think I had more left over than I put on the table.
I like your style...I am getting close...I have a very small shoulder bag with just the necessities ; that is what I took off just before heading out ( final "routine " before leaving home ).
Well, it gave me something to write about :)