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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

End of a chapter

Such a short chapter, but  one I will always remember.

Well, hard to forget that in March 2020 our nation,  our world entered a harsh season. Even the youngest members will remember "learning from home".  And much more for the rest of us. 

Our young man was going to be learning on line in his last term, and his hours at Arby's were getting less and less.   Then his parents became concerned that he was bringing potential contamination into our house, so, they bought him a ticket and in two days, he  had packed and flown off  to California. That will be his new home for a while.

But, lest I forget, the chapter started on February 6. 
     He moved in and did a bit of changing in the room.
  We had some fun and interesting chats, especially around midnight. 
    We both tend to stay up late and like puzzles 

Then things changed, for us all.    The Corona Virus hit and Richard had to leave Microsoft and go back to Vancouver until... we do not know when.  

But, Danylo was able to continue classes on line and work too.   Little by little the boundaries changed and soon, with spring break, there were no classes and very little work.

That brings us to March 26.  The call came from Dad and Mom.  On line classes will work anywhere and a few hours of work are not worth much.   So.  March 27, we had a goodbye dinner.
Not too festive since we could not go out to the store, and it was short notice.

No complaints on the entree...pulled that out from the freezer, homemade by Connie.  The butter rolls, also from the freezer, thank you Christian.  Molly made the strawberry jam and me, well I caramelized onions ( Danylo's recipe ) and Godiva chocolates for dessert 

We tried to keep our "social distance", but he did let me hug him goodbye.  Eyes swimming... 

Very quiet around here  these past few days.  Our guest room changed from "Guest room" to  " Danylo's Den"   to "Guest room"

We put Eva's coverlet back on the bed and we are ready for the next visitors.

Come on over..... very lonely around here...

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