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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Keeping our distance

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood

and  I was excited

Just last week I met our neighbors. They moved next door in January. Why I only met them this week?   ( I don't want to talk about it )

The mom and dad and two little girls were very friendly and before I knew it, I had told the littles I would have a tea party, by the fence.

Got permission from Mom,  placed the yard sticks on the ground for "good measure"  and today was the day 

                                Invitation accepted.

Hubby helped with some of the grunt work.

Using what is in the cupboard and pleasing a 5 1/2 year old and a two year old means no pressure.   And prepacked, to be safest. 

Social distancing         and

                                               Here they come

Can you see the bubbles?   Well, little one was very impressed with Mickey making bubbles

A little tree climbing

Good conversation

And then... time to say goodbye

My take away:  
  The  simple pleasures of children, priceless.
  The confidence and assurance that  they had permission to help themselves to  all that is set before them...a reflection of the sweet family values.

   When you give a little joy to someone the joy comes right back
  And, a feeling of being..the old lady that lives next door.
(BTW, just found a thank you picture at my front door. And two more pieces of Dove chocolate.  This little gal knows how to spell and draw ... in the picture, her mom in pants, me in a dress, her sister in a pink dress, and she was in  white with blue edge trim.... just like yesterday )

 I am pretty sure we will "party " again, soon.

I live an exciting life

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