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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy month of May

For years I have kept the May Day tradition.

take a little bouquet of flowers to the neighbors door,
    ring the bell,
   watch the happy lady discover the surprise and look around
( usually hears a few giggles from the little folk with me )

But this year, it did not happen.

So, on Saturday, I decided.

 Why not celebrate  another day in  May -

So, the little fellows across the street came along with me
    I told their mother  the truth,  I am a little shy, so I wanted some support
   She said " they are not shy"

And they aren't.   They even told a couple neighbors that they came along with me because
   " She is shy"

It all worked good.

B and B and Me

Lilacs, scones and smiles   

I live an exciting life

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