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Thursday, August 3, 2017

a birthday story

A True birthday story 

For her birthday, every year, the girls go together  to the casino.  This year, there are only  three girls to celebrate and the driver is 92 and needs a walker. So, a young friend said “ I want to meet your girlfriends, let me drive “   So she did. 

 They went to Casino No. 1. That is where they still allow smoking So Driver stayed in the car. Pretty soon they were off to the new and luxury casino.  Driver went in with the girls and they had a great dinner.  When it was time to leave, our driver friend went to get her car. When she came around to the front lobby, she went in and saw that  girlfriend with the walker was heading into the ladies room.   Driver girlfriend decided to pop a coin into the lobby machine.
                                  BINGO ! 

She won the jackpot $ 1.500.00 !

The management was not too happy to pay up to someone who had not “paid in” but in the end, they did . A nice reward for young driver friend!  


klamb said...

I hope you were the driver in this story!

justbenme said...

Sorry Klamb, it was another Kathy. But I am happy for her.

and, thanks for taking the time to write about it