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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Octogenarians are amazing

One of my octogenarian friends,   will call her Lady Z, is just that, Amazing.  And more

( she does not like public exposure so you won't tell her that I told you )

She walks with a cane, has white hair, and is very in charge.

About a year ago, a very nice looking man came to her door. He was needing a little financial help to get back on his feet.   So, she appreciated his position and gave him some cash.

Last week, this same nice looking and well dressed man came to her door.
 First of all, her little dog    ( very little but kind of yappy )  jumped outside and barked a bit.
" Well, your dog does not like black people", he said.  
  Lady Z informed him that her dog loves all people.
Then he proceeded to explain why he was still in need, when she thought by now he should  be making it on his own.  
 He also commented on the Mariner's game that he could hear playing inside the house.
" Your husband doesn't like black people ".  
Well, Lady Z. Did not comment on that ( her husband has been in heaven for over 20 years.
no one else was in the house )
Then he showed her a check for $250. that a neighbor had written to him.  She told him that she did not have cash, but would write him a check.   ( not for $250.  but she did not tell him that )
She came back with the check and handed it to him.   "That is not enough" he told her.
She snatched the check back from him and said " I don't like your attitude"
He responded "I don't like your attitude either"   and walked away.

Lots of emotions going on in my head.
Thankful she was bold and safe

Consent granted..she loves this photo of my grands, her little doggie, and Lady Z. 

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