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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A girl needs good boots

Yes, boots that fit well and look good
well, it would be nice if they looked cute, too.
And not expensive.

So, I have a limit in mind
Nordstrom is having a sale

I can't believe there is one pair that is under $150.00.

So, they have my size, I try them on  I say "I'll take them"

I am intrigued by the shoes the salesman is wearing.  Actually, it is the socks, that intrigue me. Or should I say, the lack of socks.

So, I ask him.  " I am wondering,  is it a new style to not wear socks?"  
So. He explains " I am wearing these little socks, because I have very hot feet"
So. I say, " So do I"
but, I don't think he is listening, and I don't remember the rest of his conversation

but, now I know more than I knew before  

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