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Thursday, January 19, 2017


The gift of


I put on an apron just as soon as I walk into the kitchen
Well, I am messy
there is that feature that if someone notices,
 they think you are busy making something good to eat.
And that can happen in my kitchen
  but there are also the times when i am just emptying  the dishwasher,
 or thinking about food and in those cases

 it is good to have your apron on and be ready.
My cousin Lynn sent me this adorable apron and that was the beginning of parties.
 Three bumblebee parties.

OK, come on in and see some of my collection!
The Coffee is ready  

This favorite was made by Jennie Whitaker.

The better part of a "pay it forward" WOW ! I really scored. 

Always good to have a choice
and one for anyone who offers a helping hand in the kitchen

When I put on theses aprons ... it's like I 'm wearing a Superhero cape!  
Especially, at Shallowbrook, when Bonnie or LInda are in the kitchen already.  Then yes, Superhero cape !  
One is from 2010 and the other a few years before that. Great times at Shallowbrook.  

fun times with Damon, thank you Bonnie, Memories with Carnation and honeymoon apron
a little more ironing and
more favorites

London Airport,Road trip  Holli, Aunti  Sharon 

And when the grands come to help

And Christmas baking night

You can only imagine how I feel when I am wearing this gem
Sometimes I crank up the music and...
well, fun times in the kitchen. 

Romans 12:13   Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality.

( and wear a nice clean, cute apron )


Lisette said...

Love this Kathy. You are such an inspiration. I love my aprons also. I used to have some of Mom's but I had to send them to the rag cupboard. Each one has a memory.

mschirber said...

I loved that you graced each chair with an apron at baking night. I renewed my love (need) for wearing an apron while at your home over Christmas! You have so many fun ones! XO