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Sunday, January 8, 2017

another night out for dinner

We enjoy going out for Happy Hour and we don't even need the Happy
   the happy in the bottle that is.
We have discovered several places that have great prices during those early dinner hours
   and we take advantage of it.
Like last night when we went to Ruth's Chris. We have never gone to the restaurant, which is upstairs and entrees start at $57.
 and the reason I know that is because of last night...

We were seated at our table for four, just the two of us, and our food had already been served. Both of us got their caesar salad and hubby got the cheeseburger and fries. He eats the burger, I eat the fries and we both have a salad.

So there we were, minding our own business when a woman entering the dining area, off in the corner called out to hubby..."you're my neighbor...hello neighbor".    And sure enough hubby recognized a neighbor he had done some work for .  She came closer and continued to chat. She told us that the meals upstairs start at $57. and who would spend that kind of money on dinner. The she looked at hubby's plate and commented on how good it looked. She said the line for this area was very long...could she join us?

So, there we were the 3 of us visiting. Mostly our neighbor sharing about this and that.
 Her son's business.
 Our daughter's job at the nursery.(hubby must have shared that with her while he was chopping wood for her )
 Her own career of hard work.
 Her marriage which lasted 10 years.   She repeated that.again......married for only 10 years, and again ...
Hubby asked if that was when her husband walked out on the family.

NO, that was when she kicked him out.

The things you never knew
someone you really don't know
now you do.

Here she is, enjoying her cheese burger 

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