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Monday, August 15, 2016

An Evening in Seattle 

First stop  dinner

Called Mom's meatloaf...tasty..real mashed spuds

The music was pretty loud, maybe you heard it.

But all eyes seem to be on the Olympic games


A man at the bar, had his head down on the counter when I passed by
and then as  I got to my seat
he was on the floor.
Now, all eyes are on the man on the floor
So no one noticed that Hubby and I took our leave.

Molly's handmade Ice cream, just around the corner 

sea salt and caramel  

Final event
A reading.
We should have known better, neither one of us LOVE much poetry
To each his own.
The room was full of fans and loved his style.
Also in the room was the reason we came.
My old friend Leslie's daughter.

Took a picture, but it did not turn out very well. Three other family members were there too and though it was great to see them
I did  take the two pieces of carrot cake back  home with me.
Definitely not enough for everyone

I live  an exciting life. .

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