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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wheelchair Antics

We have been friends for years.
She has needed help walking for a long time
I have never been in a wheel chair
But today a red one ! Motorized !  

We visited the MicroSoft store. They have an app that tells you how old you appear.   Not how old you are, or how old you feel, or how old you dress or how old you want to be.

               How old the computer "thinks"  you appear. 

It is kind of hard to read the outcome, but in this shot I am not too disappointed  in the verdict.

And, as you can see, my friend is ageless !

After our shopping spree ( and we found several things for my friend to take back home )
We went to the car. Got her settled.  Then I drove the little red wheelchair back to it's station at center court.
As I was driving along, I was very surprised at the response of other shoppers.  Some were eager to hold the door for me. One person helped me as I had to maneuver  out of the elevator.  Many didn't
seem to notice that I was any different than anyone walking, skipping or running along side
 It might be their way of making you feel comfortable, like you are not scary or threatening....
 But there was one in particular that was different.  She walked right in front of me as though I was invisible.  Was it because she was on her cell phone?  Was it because she could see enough to know she could make her way past me faster than I could crash into her?
I told my friend and she just laughed.  She is used to it.
Many people are more interested in their own agenda than anyone or anything else.
So, I am asking you...
my faithful reader ( or readers  :)  )
Please be aware of those around you that might need
some space
some help
maybe just a smile

OK, Let's do it !   

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