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Friday, April 15, 2016

It doesn't hurt to ask

This is not the first time

but it is the first time I have written to Hempler's
They are local. They have several varieties, and all are thick cut !

A couple weeks ago, I cooked up 3 pounds to take to a brunch.  Some of the pieces were irregular in shape and I could not take them.   So I wrote a little letter.  Very polite. I just told them about it and that I had read the guarantee and they could decide if a refund was appropriate.

Yesterday, a huge box came from Hempler's.

What a surprise !
So, I posted it on facebook and inivted everyone to come for bacon this morning.  

I fried up one package:     Pulled out some french toast.  

 Two people came (ok, they already had plans to come )
  And between the three of us,
 We ate every bite 

Thank You Hempler's !
end of story. 

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