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Saturday, April 9, 2016

get used to it

call it what you will
i need to get over it
don't know who is reading this but
i am going to tell the truth....

I got my hair cut.

there are details.
the most haunting is
someone sent  a memo...

seems almost everyone got it 

the  " audience" had been there  often 
and  many, within about 24 hours.. 48 hours...

6 inches is a lot  ( well, 4 to 6 inches ) 

The first audience
Husband - he never notices and I was ready for that

Bible Study - three  ladies, 3 men,( 3   had been with us the night before )   not a word

Next morning - 60 women (we meet every week ) no, no one seemed to notice, but they liked my   green jacket, and it was new and cute.

That evening - 5 friends -  /  two ,  one said " your hair is cute, I noticed it this morning and forgot   to   tell  you. One said " you got your hair cut".  My husband heard and said      " oh, and I did not notice "

That makes 3 ( if you count hubby )

Next day - casually,( many, but in small group)  12 ladies I see every week .  They got the memo too.
That afternoon two daughters and grandsons.   Still no.

Friday. We are there.  facetimed with 4 final family members.  

The count is still at three. 

No pictures
just one more question

who sent the memo?   

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