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Thursday, April 21, 2016

conversation with a five year old

we had to make a decision
Where shall we have dinner?
Home or away?
Let's go to Bellevue Square.
Good idea.

On the way, we past a nice navy blue Mustang convertible

No, that is not a Mustang,  that is a Lamborghini.
They are fast.
Lexas and Mustangs, they are fast.

In the parking garage he quickly spotted 5 Mini coopers
They have a Barca  on them  ( I found out later that stands for Barcelona )

Let's go to the lasers before we eat.

So we went to the Microsoft store, but the guns were in use
  then we found a spot to play a race car game


He knows how to work those games

Then it was our dinner time.
Ordered Uncle D's favorite and ate every bite

Had one more errand.  Special candy to take to Aunt Pat for her 92nd Birthday.
The Lego Store.

He became so engrossed in the car ramp area that 
he did not hear me say it is time to go
he did not notice that i had walked out
It was 15 minutes of me peeking through the display window and finally realizing he did not miss me before I thought that his time was up.  
 More than up.
I walked back into the shop, made sure he heard me and then I walked out.
Soon a little hand was holding mine and we left the mall. 
We had a little chat in the car
He noticed only one Mini Cooper was still there. 
The conversation continued about his Dad and all of his car wrecks.
He also talked about how brave his Dad was one time.
I was sort of lost until he mentioned that
 all the ladies were in the bathroom. And the door was locked.
 And the bad guy got caught. The police came.
This part of the stories was true. His dad had been very brave many years ago, when a disturbed and potentially violent man, marched into the escrow office where he worked.  While Dad distracted the man, the ladies locked themselves into  the restroom and called the police.
That story was worth remembering and retelling.  


 A little dish of ice cream.  

Grampy does the honors at bedtime

Sweet dreams for all. 

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