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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Three Special Occasions 

One in Tallahassee, one Orlando,  one Minneapolis 

Three memorable moments.

    The bride and groom.  A lovely wedding.  We have known the groom for quite awhile and we like him. OK, we love him. ( part of the reason to fly across the country for a wedding ).  But the bride. We did not know her. We had never met her. We had seen her picture and knew that she was a very-pretty  lady .  It was not until the reception, when her maid of honor shared her long time friendship with Amber and her inner beauty    I wish I could remember every word, but I remember enough to know the important part.  Amber has loved God since she was a little girl.  Her life has been devoted to giving honor to the Lord.    That was all I needed to hear...... 
Very happy for you Nick  and Amber.

This little gal, Opal is her name, was selling products that have been recycled. That intrigued me because my grandkids have collected bottle caps and now I have a picture of something they can make with them.         But her comments about Americans is what impressed me the most.  She was using the guests at the park as an example. They walk by one another as though they were invisible.Never a smile or a nod of the head. In her country, that would be unacceptable.  That is the word she used. Unacceptable. A feeling of being caught up in our own little world.  Self. 
 Even if she did not know the person along the way,
 she would at least smile and often even engage in conversation. 
Please smile at a stranger today. 

These two charmers were having a little visit with me and asked " am I a Christian?" I explained that they can say YES, because both of them asked Jesus into their heart this summer. 
Nothing could make me happier. 

 Three places to sit and chat 

Three places for dancing

                       a wedding, a park, at home  

With friends

With strangers

With family.

                                                                               Dining in style 

Wedding feast

Grand Hotel

Community "empty bowl" .  Pick out a bowl, enjoy soup and bread, leave a donation for those who have nothing to put in their bowl. 

              Taking care of business



 Three amazing bouquets 

Church side

park side

Bed side

Frosting on the cake.......



New and interesting tastes   

and always,  that great cup of coffee

So, as I reflect on a long and fun filled vacation what is still lingering in my mind 
( aside from time with family and friends of course ).

A mental picture:

The hotel lobby where we have stayed many times and are always thrilled ( yes thrilled) to hear their intercom music .  " His Eye is on the Sparrow".  Yes, at a  Disney hotel.  We have heard it for many years. I don't think it will ever change but I KNOW the one whose eye is on the Sparrow will never change. 
 He is still in control. 


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