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Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Favorite Restaurant

yes, we have been there many times
      we especially enjoy the "atmosphere"

Usually the guys sit in this chair, but this time, I got the privilege

a favorite restaurant
it is entertaining.
You see, the setting is Mom's kitchen from back in the black and white tv days.
  the   50's

so the waitress will make you set the table
introduce you to your " cousins" at the nearby tables.
scold you if your elbows are on the table.
deny dessert if you do not finish your meal

Naomi was a great waitress. She introduced a bride and groom from Mexico. Then she told them our American custom of feeding each other a piece of cake.  She gave them a piece of cake so they could try it.  Everyone was happy for them.

Naomi was not our waitress

Elizabeth did a nice job of singing Happy Birthday to two birthday groups. She sat down on  at the table with each party.

Elizabeth was not our waitress.

A cute little couple were celebrating their  anniversary at the table next to ours. 
They got no song and dance.   But, they didn't seem to notice. 

What's her name was probably having a bad day.

We will probably be back there next time.  The meal loaf is great !

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