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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

It Just came out...

      He asked if any other appliances might need replacing soon, and I said  " these should last until the Lord comes".

I kind of surprised myself, but only for a second, when the salesman said.. " You must be a Christian"..

You can imagine how the rest of the conversation might have gone, but I did not have a good feeling that   Damon    ( such a fine name ) had the assurance of where he would spend eternity. 
 So, as they were leaving, I gave Damon " Are you going to Heaven" and 
to Phil  ( the man with the bill of sales ) 
          "The Rest of His Time"  by Berwick Hyland.
( if you would like a copy of this  true story, let me know )

And now we pray
and be ready for the next opportunity to share.
We do not know when our time will be changed .

I live an exciting life ! 

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