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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

It is Official !

 Yes, it is for real,  I am now a volunteer in the Friends of the Library Shop in Bellevue.

I know, it is pretty exciting, and even though it is just a three hour commitment twice a is an important position.

So, the first day in the shop was very nice. I had been trained in the marking room and read my manual, so I was prepared.   Lois was great.  She let me take care of all the purchases.  There are only three steps.  Add in each book, press the total button which includes tax, then put the $$ into the cash register.   Don't forget to give change. (  √ )  Give correct change   ( oops, well, he returned the extra dollar )    Offer a receipt  ( oops )  At the end of your shift you count the money. Two parts....
never mind.   It was a good day.  I think I will always like working with Lois.  Both of us found a couple books to buy.

Day two. A different story.  For one thing, when you are in the first shift, you need to arrive 15 minutes early to get the shop ready.   
My co-worker was all smiles and said he waited but thought he better get things ready.  He reminded me it would be a good idea  to be on time.  I agree. I just hope no one important like my girl in Minnesota calls and I get carried away listening.    
enough said.
It did not take long to get acquainted with Mr. Right  ( they always are you know ).  He knew alot about a lot of things.  He had a collection of books, mostly rare and valuable.  He paid $400. for one of them.  I did not bother to tell him about my little collection of  books, mostly inexpensive and easy to find cookbooks.    He also just happened to mention with the Seahawk game coming up that he was only 50/50 Hawk fan. Otherwise, he was a Jet's fan.  Living on the East coast for many years he went to the games and sat in the suites.  Oh, but here, he can also sit in the suites, but maybe only once a year. 
I could have told him my story.  Which one?   Sitting in the reserved seats thanks to our friend, one of the most famous of all Mariners !  Or, sitting in the Diamond Club with one of our most generous friends from Tacoma. Or the good old days, coming early to catch balls in batting practice and sitting in the very cheapest seats ever.  Now those were the days. 
Nope, I kept quiet.
Yes, it did not take long to get to know a little bit about Mr. Right.  He traveled to Paris every year when living on the East Coast.

OK. Now you know more than you want to know ( if you are still with me )

But I am enjoying my new job.  The payment comes in many ways.
!.  As a volunteer, I get to have first pick of the donated books as they come into the shop.
2. Customers smiles when they carry out their bargains.
3. an opportunity to be a " light" when the time is right.

Then, if you are feeling a little light-hearted, or empty in the tummy,   you can head to my favorite breakfast ....Goldberg's

Deep fried french toast, bacon and fresh fruit.    
Need I say more...

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