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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Greek festival. Held at St. Demetrius Church in Seattle. 

we have gone for many years.
I love the lemon rice soup, stuffed grape leaves and
you guessed it 

 Baklava.   ( no picture needed for that one )

The church has lots of areas with displays and things to purchase.
The big tent has food and a stage where  a quartet is playing their string instruments

Part of the program involves children dressed in native costume and they sing and dance. * we did not stay for that this year )
They have a thrift shop. One of the classrooms is set up with homemade soap.  another  had more bakery. Church literature is also on display.
Just before leaving we stopped at the "store".   Home baked bread, olive oil, etc, ..  we always end up with a  good sized bag of treats.

One last look back.  Someone wearing a large straw hat is bent over reading a book  A large bottle of wine is sitting on the table beside the book.   

Missing the music. Missing the atmosphere.   

Always something different and this one   ↑ 
 is probably  a one time only.
We usually run into someone we know, but not this year.  
And I guess it is a good thing, I was not wearing cute shoes. 
 Truth to be known,  nothing matched. 
 But I am sure you won't tell.

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