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Thursday, August 28, 2014

             I am a lighthearted gal


You know me, I like to make people smile.
So naturally, when I got to the front desk at my doctor’s office I thought it would  make people smile to see a nice message on the desk calendar.  You know what they look like.  A mini 3 ring binder. It is open, and one side has the month and the other side has the day. 
So, I just wrote   Happy day.  In nice cursive.  The pen was great, fine point, my favorite.
I am pretty sure it will make many  people smile
I am pretty sure it will make someone smile
It made me smile.
I was sort of smiling for almost an hour.  That was when the PA  ( Physician’s Assistant ) came into the examining room. 
“sorry I’m late” he said
“really?”  I said
He paused and looked puzzled and sort of like he never heard me.
“ You said you were sorry, and I just said really” ?  I said.
At that point I realized that this PA is not very lighthearted.

And when I had to pay $5.00 for being 10 minutes over the one free hour, I had to remind myself that I am lighthearted.
I was off to run several errands. An Avon customer who gave me a $20 for a $16.14 order, and told me to keep the change.  I didn’t, but it was so sweet. I am sure she is lighthearted . 
Then I stopped at Bartell’s where I found several things I needed 
( not on my list, but I will need them some day ) and I took my blood pressure and it is normal.  I am very lighthearted ..  Then I got to my car with a full basket and started to load Sabrina’s trunk 
( not MY trunk )  and this gentleman asked if he could help me .  I said yes, and thank you. Thank you very much.  
 I am sure he is a lighthearted man.

I hope you are feeling lighthearted too.

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