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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Wedding bells  by the Seashore

                     ( a story without words,  almost - the rest of the story is  at the end ) 

                               Orchids and the sea

                                                 Sarah and Sean Weeks sang for us

                                              (sorry, this is the only photo of those fun brothers  :)    )

                                               Mother of the groom

                                                Mother of the bride


        a time to pray.....




   Favorite Aunt, Favorite nieces and nephews

                                 Beautiful hair

                                                        Brides bouquet
                                                           Father of the Bride
                                     Rick and Eleanor(grooms sister)

                                               the other Darrell and Mrs. Mossman
                                               Grandma Mossman

                           Darrell and Kathy - Priviledged guests
               The Cantrells..............
                   ( where was I when the Mossmans were together ? )

                                                     Melita and her mother Barbara

                                                    Angela and Eleanor

                                           Barbara and Stan Allen

 Yes, it is really that blue..The Atlantic Ocean

                                           Dinner is served

                              Cheese cake  AND wedding cake

                            our favorite waitress... a long story.

                                   Allen and Judy Cantrell

                             Stan and Al times

                             Wedding cake ( photo by Canyon )

                                               Edible  orchids  on the cake


  The ocean....  never stops charming us

 Cutting the ...cake ?  eating the cake and playing with candles    :)

               Sister of the bride and family

                                twins and Grandma

 all the neices and nephews love Aunt Wendy.


                                              Signing of the Marriage License

 Signed by  Savi Cantrell and Kathy Tanner  ( me !!)


   The Grand Finale   ....Mr and Mrs Andrew Cantrell

And, if you have scrolled this far, you can read all about it.

The sun has been  shinning long enough to have a dry beach and set up area for the outdoor wedding.

This is a beautiful day and the ocean is so blue. We are almost at high tide and it is an amazing setting. 
 The guys are in long sleeved white shirts with lavender ties.

The girls are in purple  with sparkling high heels.
Made of Honor: Angela, Brides sister
Bridesmaids: Eleanor, Grooms sister, Melita and Rebecca, friends of the Bride
Best Man: Michael, Grooms brother
Grooms men: Dani, Brides brother, Tony Sikora, John Conner, friends of the groom

 The grandmas and mother of the bride are wearing fun, pretty hats.

Two little girls with ruffled purple dresses sprinkle rose petals.
There are three little boys, and one is carrying a sign
                   Happy Birthday Andrew.  Here comes your gift.
                   Yes, the wedding day is Andrew’s 41st birthday
Here comes the bride… on her father’s arm, down a winding, outside, staircase
She is wearing white, with beading, and some ruffles on the train and purple shoes.

Doug Buchanan  did a fine job sharing a special message to the Bride and Groom, despite the roar of the ocean and a scratchy throat.
                      Yes, the Atlantic Ocean.
Sarah and Sean Weeks sang a duet.- In Christ Alone

 The reception,  we were seated at decorated tables. Orchids and the sea are the theme.
rolls, salad, chicken, broccoli.  and cheese cake  Coffee.
Then the wedding cake was delivered by the bride and groom.
Little white buckets with rock candy. bubbles.
 Her beautiful bouquet was tossed to a group of women, old, young, married or single.
Here is where I have to mention a visit from a lady who had waited on us at lunchtime today and on Tuesday.  She  works at the hotel restaurant evenings. “ Somehow” she heard we would be at the wedding celebration, and she came by with a friendly hello.

Many  helped to get the room ready and  put the room back in order.  Purple chair covers. Vases with orchids. Candles. Archway. favors,  Lights, voile, etc.   All prepared ahead of time by the Bride. She did  a great job. 

A very memorable celebration

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