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Thursday, August 7, 2014

movie time

So I went to a movie

  By myself. Well, I forgot to ask YOU, but none of the family was free to go  and since it was
1. Free – movie night in the park
2. A movie most of the family had seen –gives  Grammy something to talk about
3. It was a lovely night - hubby was out of town
4. They had free popcorn.
Here is what happened.

Lego,  the movie.

Grammy went.

Got to the park nice and early. There were trucks with free stuff.
   Kind:   energy bars
   Naked:  juice cups
   105,3  : pens, stickers and emery boards
    Free popcorn
Sponsors:  Whole Foods - prizes for gamers.

By 9:00 it was getting chilly.  I had plenty of time to skip back to Sabrina and grab a blanket. I already had
   my nice little camping chair. ( You will be proud of me that I did not put the umbrella top up )

So many people.  It was the largest crowd so far.

It was kind of like being on an airplane. You know, free movie, crying babies, people wanting to get past you, and yes even two passengers  ( movie goers ) with their smart phone lit up the whole time.

OK.  my review.

  I am glad you saw it already, because I would probably not recommend it.
 Especially if you were sitting on the ground and it was 60 degrees and windy.
One of you said it was the most visually stimulating movie ever. 
Two of you said it was great.
And, now I can say I have seen it. 
 I did laugh a couple times. Will Ferrell can do that .

Just thought you would like to know, and it would have been much more fun with YOU.
Got home at  11:20, so it would have been kinda late for the little folks 

I live an exciting life  

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