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Thursday, August 28, 2014

               Minnesota State Fair
                                                      they say it is the largest in the world
                                        well, the greatest anyway.

We got  to the fairgrounds about 10:30.  Hungry.
A good place to be hungry.
The theme for the fair  is food on a stick.
 And most of the time, it is .

There is a large education building and they have a booth that offers a school year calendar with your photo on it.
They take your photo for free
For three years we have had our picture taken with the grandkids     . ( you will have to trust me on this one, no digital, only on a wonderful calendar )

also in that building.
                                  the robotic ball challenge.

                                           keeping up with The Guard

                                      First food...
Beef Jerky....also, a cup of Norwegian coffee

                          the kind made with a raw egg.

                                     Next stop......
                                   this is the house that Steve built ↑ 
       The company is Cocoon.


                                               button making  ↑

                                               Look who came  to the fair !
                                 and who is driving a tractor !!

                                      Did Grampy cut this pile of wood ?

Chicken fried bacon, french fries and a burger

                                            Let's take a ride....
 Fresh strawberries and real whipped cream
                       good to the last drop
                            the very last drop.

  When you need a Pepsi,
               you will stop anywhere ( but 3 times ? )
             the crowd. but found   friends 

                            Cheese curds , don't leave the fair without them
                        or corn on the cob, or lemonade
  Prizes, kindness of the strongest Dad
                                       One more treat    Freshest peach
                            Is she trying to hide something?
                                 in her not too subtle shirt? 

Only at the fair ( or maybe your local airport )

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