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Sunday, April 13, 2014

I love poka dots

            living in Seattle you can always use another raincoat !
                     especially a cute poka dot raincoat !
 My wonderful friend Bonnie, pulled this darling raincoat out of her closet and said
                " you like poka dots, I want you to have this "  so...
                       1. It fit perfectly
                                 2. I love poka dots
                                      3. At the risk of hurting her feelings 
                                   I said thank you so much
The very next day I threw that beauty over my sweats and headed out the door to run an errand.  No one knew what was underneath that classy coat and I was feeling so spunky, I decided the next stop would be the  DQ.  
 I was hungry since  all I had for lunch was 1/2 a piece of salmon. very small. 
I have a new favorite 
 The turtle blizzard.    I came without any reading material so I just people watched.   Three young girls came and bought one, just one dilly bar.   A very grown up man ordered a small cone. 
 My blizzard was much more interesting.  In fact, it was so interesting, I came back to the DQ again today. 
 This time I had some reading material with me.   Guideposts.  Always nice short and true stories.  Right on the cover was a familiar face - she was in the Hallmark movie Sally and I had just seen a night or two ago.  We both thought she had beautiful eyes. Turns out  she depends on God in her life. And she stars in Biggest Losers.   I have never seen that show, but if you have, do you know her name? 

  Should I tell you? 

 OK Alison Sweeney.
  So now we both know three things about that lady with  the beautiful eyes.

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