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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

When you come to the end of a perfect day

 or a pefect week...

                  ( glad they love each other.
                                         so glad they live close to me.   )


    Guess I should start with Monday.  We helped put on a dinner for some men who are waiting for employment. They are living at our neighborhood church and our small group took a turn to prepared the meal……    Kind of out of my comfort, once I am out of the kitchen. But a friend accompanied me and we ended up at a table with some very friendly and normal guys.  One is a painter and was able to give some  tips on that project .  We laughed a little and enjoyed what they called “ the most amazing meal “. Brought my camera, but forgot to use it. 

    Wednesday evening was a black tie 90th birthday dinner for my aunt.  I am still feeling the excitement. We spent 4 hours in a very warm and welcoming atmosphere.  Cousins, conversation , delightful food and service with  smiles.
         Photos of food family and......

                                                 Birthday Princess, Aunt Pat

                                             Lobster Bisque
                                                    Birthday cake




   Friday was a first time catered dinner at our home.  We wanted to thank  the many helping hands that brought us through more than two months of recovering from a broken wrist.  It was Good Friday in more ways than one, so at least half of the intended guests were either singing in the choir and committed to attending their church service.    As always, the right group of guests  were around our table.  Why didn’t I take a photo of more than the food ?

Today is Easter.A beautiful sunny day in Bellevue.  

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