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Sunday, November 10, 2013

It could happen to you

What would you do...
You go to visit a friend in a nursing home and when you get there
 she is asleep.
                Oh well.  You leave a note and the candy you brought
Proceed to your other destination only to realize the wrong address is in your GPS.
               Well, maybe you should just go home, you have lots to do.
You call the one person who has the address  but there is no answer
               Now you have permission to go home.
Wrong, she calls and gets the address for you.
               You are now headed in the wrong direction.
While making the changes your windshield is so fogged up you can hardly see.
               You cannot see at all. You  pull into a safe space and clean the windows.
Back on the road, heading the right direction. But, the light is not with you.
              Someone is honking behind you.  More someones.   Are you in the wrong
              lane to go straight?  More honks. All lights are red.   You make a u turn
              and see about 10 cars have piled up behind you.
Now you hear the bell that your gas is low. Very low  and you are feeling very warm.
The new address is just a mile away.  As you pull into the driveway another red light
         appears.  That gauge on the dash says H.  
The path to the front door is dark, but the light is on and inside there are so many people.
            The music is kind of loud. There are 3 or 4 tables of hand crafted items and some goodies .  Nothing catches your eye.
You  are a few steps from the door and
A sweet face wearing a  green shirt and little apron smiles and says “ Are you looking for someone?”

Now I am in the story….and let’s just say, I always carry a hanky.

I am kind of embarrassed to say it, but I just blurted out.. “Who are you?”
Just thinking about that moment and I get misty.  ( You are not surprised if you know me )

“I am Kristin.”  “ OH !  I am Mimi’s Mom. And I am just about ready to cry.”
“What can I do for you… let me go to the gas station with you.  Would you like something to drink?”
So, in short. She brought me a glass of water. She googled a couple things for me.  I  Called AAA.     ( Three hours later they came).   Chatted with a sweet girl who offered to take me home.
My  Husband came and stayed with Sabrina until AAA came. I wrapped up the darling little chocolate cupcake that I could not enjoy just then and went home.

Did I make a purchase? Not going to tell you. Someone just might be reading this and she needs to be surprised too.
So.   It could happen to you, and what would you do?

 following day...

Saturday morning and  I have one goal.  I would like to find a new cover for the day bed in my soon to be studio.
There are two places at Bel Square that have bedding ( Well Nordstrom has one or two, but not in my price range ).   I look at Macy’s.   They have many.  There are many purple and blue and some yellow. But not the color I can use. I need a darkish green or taupe. 

Next stop is JC Penny. 
 On the way I stop at McDonald’s for an ice cream cone. 
 It will be hard to visualize this, but I will try to paint the picture. I keep a little zip lock bag with a spare pair of earrings in my purse. It happens to be in the zippered pocket with my loose change. I am digging around for $1.10 when somehow one of those little earrings slipped out of the bag and into a box where you can donate to a worthy cause.  It is not in the box, but between the metal frame and the rigid plastic house that holds the contributions.   The employee is holding out my cone, I am still looking for change and while he is fussing with the little house, the earring disappears.   It seems they do not have the key, it is managed by a private company.  They ask me to write out my name and phone number  and at the same time another employee is holding out my cone.  I tell her I have not paid yet. She disappears.  I come back to the counter and try to find the right person to give my information to and after a few more questions I leave the counter. The line is now quite long.  I leave without a cone.

At JC Penny there is a large selection of bedding. While I am browsing around I hear a lady’s voice.
“Is this a shower curtain?”   then a man  “ it doesn’t matter”.  Lady “ Well I don’t like them”.  Man: “You don’t need to like it just buy it”.   
Why do men go shopping with their wives?  For a shower curtain?

They are playing Christmas music.
Why are they playing Christmas music?  The same tune over and over about Santa. 
My phone rings and it is Mimi.  I sit down on a comfy sofa and we chat for about 20 minutes. 

I do not see anything here  that will work for me and I know at some point I might have to settle for something a little different.   
 Unless, of course, I ask my sister to keep her eyes open for it. She never gives up and don’t be surprised because she will find exactly  what you want. 

Now all I want is to head home. I decide to make a stop at the library gift shop. I like to support the "friends of the library".  I find my way to my favorite section and begin opening a cookbook by Mimi and I think it might be a good one ( considering the good name ).  But before I could get past the front cover the volunteer came up a sweetly said, “ we are closing.

I am home. I saved a lot of money since I did not buy what I went for ( I am not going to talk about the item I found on my way to Macy’s, but it is very useful and I know I will wear it often ).

Good things do happen.  We spent about 4 hours with Tanner. He played so well and we had a great time. Anita brought home some creme brule for Mom. when we got home the phone was ringing.  It was Hugo from McDonald’s.   He found the key to the box and I can pick up my earring any time.

I live an exciting life. 


Jeanne said...

Well, this is just a fantastic description of a day in the life of Kathy! Very entertaining, but my favorite is the shower curtain conversation and your commentary. It just makes me laugh! Great post!

justbenme said...

A comment on my blog !!! I am so excited I don't know if I can sleep tonight.
You are the best !