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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Tale of Two Cities ( and two weddings )

Two Cities, Two weddings, 
                at least two similarities,
                           and a test.

We are picked up by great friends
 a fun lunch

There is Zentangle on the wall which our Hostess has done,
(not visible, but you get the idea it is a fun spot )
 It is the day of the wedding rehearshal and our host and hostess are very involved, so we get to be involved too. 

Chapter two..

 Saturday.  The Wedding Day.
Our Host makes a fantastic breakfast ( and he cleans up the kitchen, too )

The bride loves the style of the Royal family
So we have fine china for the wedding party. The bridal party are wearing those fascinating fasinators, along with long black gloves to match their black shoes.
Red is her favorite color.

 Here comes the bride......    the pictures speak for themselves.

It was a lovely wedding.  So priviledged to attend.
( more wedding photos are in another story, though the camera stopped . plain stopped.  )

and after the wedding,  An after party

Home tour
Amazing paintings
Back rubs,
amazing back rubs,
 by my new best friend
oh and some very tasty food

Chapter three...

The rest of the weekend was spent eating, touring our old stomping grounds ( Oak Park ) eating,

Chapter four
 Then a tour of Bible Truth Publishers

Chapter Five...

 Why are we always hungry?    Do you recognize the umbrella? 

         or the couple in the center picture wearing cute outfits ..

We are hoping Chick-fil-A will come our way

Chapter six...

    Our final dinner...this is not Chick-fil-A.   We tried as   many      desserts as we could Someone had to do it.

  Chapter seven..

  Back home and some of the amazing Zentangle of our Hostess

   These were on the bed side table in our room,
 right across from our private powder room.

 Did you ever get lost in a bubble bath?

Some of the homes in Oak Park  and  Peterson's Ice Cream 
                                 Favorite old haunts

   The beautiful back yard where our host grilled filet mignon and vegies from the garden.

And   then off to a race but first stop.....

                          The best ice cream in town,
                              before the best race in town.
                             Katie is a winner ( not first, but close enough )

Then off to the airport.
A great long weekend !

two weeks later

Toronto ( Mississauga )
Chapter one. 
We picked up our rental van ( with GPS )  Three pretty young ladies greet us at our lovely accomadations  They give us a tour.
Our Host and Hostess arrive a while later, and even though it is close to midnight, they put on a spread of food to feed an army.   Well, by then a few more guests had arrived.  I think by the final head count there were 16 of us sleeping soundly.

Chapter two
Saturday. The wedding day.
Another  huge spread of food and very good coffee 
  ( maybe Tim Horton's ) 
    Preparation for the big day.   

   We had our own private bath.

Behind this home is the amazing and charming
 wedding and reception

 I think you get the picture....then we go down the path...

                    Here comes the bride.

Here comes Mr and Mrs. Adcock
 Dinner is served.
              and then comes desserts and 
                 more desserts and of course, Coffee.

Sweet ladies and Sweet donuts  Then the final event. 

This is the Celi - a  dance for all the young    and young at heart. 
We are moving on to Chapter Three 

                       having fun and a lot more good food.
                                 women have fun too. 

              Chapter four   Our Host and Hostess took us to that                              tall,   tall building
  The top floor revolves and  they serve amazing delicacies 

We just followed our leader and continued taking photos, until camera died,  just before dinner was served.  You will have to imagine a very elegant  affair.

Chapter five
                 Final breakfast - well just the start.
                                  We also got to taste caviar.

                      Off to the races.    Katie is a winner.
                              not first , but close enough
 Toronto is quite a surprising city
         and these are our suprising  hostesses 
                                  before we head back home

             How many airports have ipads in the cafe, 
                                                at each table !?!

I live an exciting life
           a very exciting life

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