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Sunday, November 24, 2013

 A Baby Shower
                      Starting with a Book

                         I think you get the idea. The hostess had a "sweet" idea.
                                            and fun decorations and there were lots of gifts.
                                      Many brought a book to add to the baby's collection
                                    We played a couple games - tricky games - 
                                                            "Write the children's book name on
                                                                         the line provided."    No clues.

                                                                               No mutliple choice.
                                                        Example:    All involved Produce Droppings.

                                            Got that answer?
                                                    Well, I'm not telling. 

                                                     Obviously I did not do well on that game.

                                                          The cake was delicous.  


                                   OH !  
               Hostess and happy guest of honor  

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