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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Celebrating our 42 nd Wedding Anniversary

We had been there more than 42 years ago.  You know, the snazzy places you go to when you are dating.    The name had come to mind now and then and since we had no other plans, I made the call.  They were busy on the  27th, so we went tonight.

We don’t go to a snazzy place without  some preparation

First a trip to the car wash.  ( some bird had flown too low and left its mark on the hood )
   We wondered  ..Would the valet notice?
Darrell was gone so long I thought he might be bringing home a little corsage.
Should  I wash my hair a second time?
 Darrell had one choice of garments.   The suit he bought a couple years ago for weddings and fancy stuff.
Me, I had to think and plan and finally made my decision.    
   About  now I am wondering if anyone will notice anything at all.
  My dainty diamond earrings that Darrell bought for me last year ( and were “missing” ) until two days ago.  My festive shoes and silky stockings ( no bare legs thank you ) No corsage, but where would I  pin it?!? 

Ready !  Leaving in more than enough time we arrived  ½ hour early. ½  hour before they open
 So we got to  make ourselves at home . While chatting by the fire, Darrell told me that he had gone to several places looking for a corsage, but found none. ( you have to order ahead of time )
  A very nice thought. We could hear the staff as they gathered in a circle around the dining room getting details on the menu and other details  ( I think that is why they have been so popular for so long – they are a well informed and trained  staff)

We are seated by the window. We are sure it is the best table in the house. Spectaclar view.

Little complimentary appetizers
Caesar salad for Darrell, prawns for me
Fresh, warm rolls and real  butter
Filet Mignon.. superb
Soufflé for Darrell, Crème Brulee and coffee  for me
Complimentary  macaroons  and box of chocolates
And service. Service and more service with smiles.

How did they know which car belonged to us?  
Who knows, but it was waiting at the door  warmed up and ready for the ride home.
Did anyone notice ….anything?  
I didn’t notice,
 but, my only regret…ate just a little too much . ( we only spent 2 ¼ hours )

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