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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picasso – Picasso – Picasso
Once in the life time exhibit to Seattle. How could I resist ? A quick message on facebook and my plans are in motion. Sure, I knew Jeanne would be jealous if I told her. So I did. And she just said she didn’t care, she was going to search Utila for Robinson Crusoe . ( When someone is 10,000 miles away they have to concoct big stories to make up for not being where they really want to be )
Back to Seattle. Gaylene was the first and then Laurie and we were ready. We were pretty excited and so were 100’s of other people at SAM. ( Seattle Art Museum ) When you enter, there is a magnificent display of cars, hanging from the ceiling and lights shooting out like sparklers. There are some very amazing displays. I would tell you about them, but if you go on the first Thursday of each month, you get free entry. So you should try to go yourself.
It is the special exhibits that have a price, on every day. Picasso is leaving. So I will tell you about it. Lots of pictures. Very colorful.
The best part? I can say that I went to the Picasso Exhibit!
Test? Do you know when he died? Do you know if he got married? How many times? ( that is a tricky one ) Had kids?
Well, I took some photos – not of the exhibit, that is not permitted. We ran into my cousin and his wife. You might think that photo is of Picasso, but Fred is actually much better looking than Pablo, despite the poor quality photo.

Kathy, Gaylene, Laurie

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