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Monday, January 3, 2011

The "M" word

The “M” word . You probably know what I am talking about – unless maybe you are under 40. Well, that is what happened for me today. I go to the Evergreen hospital since they are the closest place for me. And because they have a great gift and coffee shop. I figure, when I get out of there, I deserve a treat. One year I found some very fun shoes. Another year I bought a scarf for me and a mug for my sister. And I always have coffee and biscotti.
You usually have a 20 to 30 minute wait, so I brought along a hemming project. ( I came home Sunday and looked in the mirror and said “that dress is too long”. No, I don’t have cute legs, but ankle length is so last year – last century!) There was a video playing in the waiting room. The Sound of Music. Who knew I would be sewing along with “so a needle pulling thread” . Well, it was at least 30 minutes and my hem that must be at least two yards around, is done! (actually 90 inches )
Well, for some reason, I could not find anything in the gift shop. Cork clogs? No thank you. And I brought a piece of Nita’s banana bread with me – it was great! So my treats came later.
An orchid at Trader Joe’s, a musical Charlie Brown Christmas ornament at Bartell’s, and a PBP at the DQ.
Not a bad morning after all.

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