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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunset upon the Mediterranean

What will be remembered about you
about me
You know, beyond the sunset.
This year we have said goodbye to many friends. For two of them, it was too soon, they could not wait for God’s timing. For others, I was not ready to say goodbye. One was just an infant.
When Mike Kilcup was taken to meet Jesus – in his sleep-, Many things went through my mind.
I knew I wanted to go to his memorial
But why? Why do we go to funerals?
I did not know Mike very well.
But the family – so many members and many I do know so well, and love
Do we go to a funeral to see old friends?
To feel closure on a time of suffering ?
To comfort those who are grieving?
Mike’s memorial was one of the few I was able to attend.
Over 800 people came.
We were reminded to tell those we love, that we do love them.
( I hugged Judy on one side and Cindy on the other – I do love them both)
Two of the things I remember…
There were many young men wearing suits and ties. This reflection of respect was very touching. Mike had impressed these young men in a big way.
The message by his sister –
I'm sure you're familiar with the story of Jesus at the wedding in Canaan where He performs His first miracle. The servants at that wedding realized that they had a problem - the host had run out of wine! But really what they had was half of a miracle! They took their problem to Jesus and allowed Him to complete the miracle. So when we have a problem, we too, have half a miracle! We need to take the "half miracle" to Jesus, do what He asks, and watch how He completes it!
At a memorial, those whose lives were horribly and quickly taken at the Wal-Mart in Arizona, were honored by many. One of the speakers was The Secretary to the Home Land Security, Janet Napolitano. “At a time like this.. in a tragedy of such magnitude..there are no words we can use. We must turn to the scriptures.” She then read from Isaiah 40 verse one, Comfort, comfort my people,says your God.
The next week Sargent Shriver died.
All I knew about him? Related to the Kennedy’s
But now I know he started the Peace Corp. And his family remembers ( one girl, 4 boys ) to show up in other people’s lives. To love unconditionally.

Those who knew Jimmy Kilcup will remember his little sayings. “Be a pillar, not a caterpillar.” “God doesn’t steer parked cars” “Don’t waste time! We’re getting to the end of the plank!”
So, again I ask myself, what will people remember about me?
What will they remember about you?

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