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Friday, February 7, 2020

going places

That is when I watch a movie..

on a plane

The latest made my eyes swim a bit.  One of the main characters was a dog. Even though dogs don't talk,usually, it felt like a true story.  It was in the comedy category and there were some funny scenes.  But it was a love story. Two love stories in one.

I had never heard of it, but that is not saying much. I recommended  it to my friend who loves dogs more than some folks like kids and she said she had heard of it, but never watched it.

I love some dogs,  but regardless,   I am recommending this one. 

Can you name it?

one hint:   The art of.......

I live an exciting life 
and sometimes emotional  

1 comment:

klamb said...

Racing in the rain.

Haven't seen it, I love dogs, but don't have one for various reasons. Maybe some day.