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Monday, February 10, 2020

Going home

                                                       In Tribute to Oscar Froese  

A gathering of friends and family
tables were set .. standing room only

Honoring a man who had been making people smile  for almost 100 years

The Froese family 
A history of the Gustaf Froese family was shared
Oscar was about number 5 of 7 boys and then little sister Marti

 We had known Oscar for many years... there were some  things we knew about him and some things were new...

He played tennis until he was in his 90's
He was a fun and friendly man who loved The Lord
He was known and loved by many
He was a few months short of 70 years of married to his love Ida Marie
In his town he was known as the calendar man.
He passed out Christian calendars by the 100's
In the week before he went home, he checked with his friend Gordon
" Did you get calendars to Dr... and Dr.... and .."
Yes, Gordon had been there.

Much  was shared about this mighty man. Not a tall man, but a strong and friendly, outgoing man.

Many grandchildren from the Gustaf family were in attendance, though there are many, many more. 

The program

My great "take away"...  He shared his love for The Lord with calendars.
How am I sharing my love for The Lord?


Dan Brimlow took many photos, but here are a couple he might have missed

Blessed to call him our friend.

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