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Sunday, September 22, 2019

long fun day

All good days seem to start early

like today...

it started on Thursday.
I always try to set the table early for a party
I text my grandson pictures of the plates and napkins so he can help me pick the right one
 ( he is 7 )
Well, on Thursday, our friend had a lovely dinner before Bible study ( with out of town visitors it seemed to be the right thing to do.

She has a way with flowers and when it was time to go home, she asked if I would like her arrangements for my brunch on Saturday. 

You can guess what I said.

Went home with all four arrangements.

But, in the morning light , I could see that the colors did not go with my first choice of tablecloths, but
I had a perfect one to use instead..

And the guests arrived 

Hashbrown casserole, waldorf salad, fruit salad, scones, clotted cream with raspberry jam
Sparkling cider, coffee

Dessert: Indian Custard, cashew taffy and Swiss chocolate

and just the beginning of our day

The Greek Festival 

                    Getting close   

Such a beautiful old neighborhood.   Each home has it's own design and well kept garden

                           Greek French Fries 

Both delicious Greek Delights 

And then the dancing
First the children

Then the adults
In costume 

And then something touched my heart..
At the table in front of us, there was a group of very special people.  It was hard to know if they were deaf and blind because they were "talking " with their hands ..  and the "speaker"  was so gentle and smiling.
It seemed different than "sign language " 

Still time for our usual Saturday night entertainment

Bellevue Square, and  the Trio

They usually attract a crowd, but tonight even some dancers 

Food, Friends, Music, Dancing..

I live an exciting life 

ps. no time to edit, I know Marti is waiting....

1 comment:

klamb said...


You definitely have a gift with flowers, food, and parties! Wish I lived closer.

Will pray for whatever your challenges are too! We all have them, and for a good reason, but sometimes they seem to pile up!

Love you.