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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Movie review

Or.. What did I watch on the plane?

Yes, it was that time again, and thanks to Delta Airlines, free movies
and this trip, free food !    Since the trip was over 3 hours, they offered a complimentary cheese platter or a sandwich with chips.

Down to business
I always look for the movies that are at least based on a true story.
( Since we are not much in the know about these things I scroll and scroll )

Found one.
And it was good.

Here goes.

Two very different and unlikely men end up "helping" each other.

One is on "probation" and no longer allowed to be with his son and family.
The other is a very, very wealthy business man who needs help with every part of living.
        he is quadriplegic

They do learn from each other and yes, there is one part where my eyes are swimming.

One photo 

So... do you know the name of the movie?

    Do you want to know?   

I live an exciting life... 
and this was just the beginning of 4 days of fun at WDW  

1 comment:

klamb said...

I found it, now I might have to check it out! I won't give it away... :-)