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Monday, December 3, 2018

Deck the halls

really,   Deck my tree
or Trim my Tree, as I have called it for years.

It started when I wanted to get to know a few ladies from BSF better....remarkable ladies...
So, I planned a luncheon in December with the Christmas theme.
Hubby got the tree up, food was prepared, the house was decked, but no ornaments on the tree. Ran out of time.
So, Plan B...have the ladies trim my tree.
And they did
And they come very year now and do that job for me.


The tree is up and ready 

The table is set and ready

The treasures.....

Photo credit:  hubby...caught in the mirror 
OH, and you can see the finished decorated tree

A job well done ! 

years past...

This was a great year.
A few friends that have since..moved on...

Only memory photo for  this year
Proof they did their job
and looked cute...very cute 

Going back in time...  

                Two of the first years... ↓  ↑  Some things don't change....still cherished friends 

So the memories linger.   
I am so blessed to have these woman in my circle of friends,
if only in my heart.
I will always miss and remember Liz,  she was a treasure to us all.   

I live an exciting life 

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