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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Festival of Lights 

They are celebrating in the mall   

These are the ladies that danced...

and free Henna 

But the big event for us, was the invitation to our neighbors to celebrate the
                                          Festival of Lights

Food...lots of food....good and yummy food and very gracious people.

The meal starts with dessert  ( on the left )
It is their way of adding sweetness to  the evening
Starting and ending with sweets.

Chicken, cashews, rice and mint...
They prefer spicy food.  Stronger than served in American food.
Tonight's entree was delicious

"We eat with out hands"
And he did..  and I did
Then   the crepes
dipped in coconut sauce 

and then...


The final course
Sweet and delicious   

We also learned about India. 
English is taught in all the schools and in college the classes are all taught in English.  British English.  So in the business world, the language is English.  Also, college education  costs less in India, much less.

There is great respect for family members, and friends. You do not call anyone older than yourself by their first name.  So, I am aunt to our host and hostess and Grandma to their little one.

Our host and hostess spoke very easily with us and we had a very special time 

Anticipating more opportunity to learn about our neighbors and appreciate our differences.

I live an exciting life  

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