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Saturday, May 13, 2017

surprises !

We decided to go to the British Pantry for dinner
    ( my Octogenarian friend Lady Z who does not like to have her picture taken )

Lady Z is from Scotland and was excited to be in that British Isles atmosphere.

I was excited to have an evening with my friend. She is very wise, very kind, very honest ( and sometimes that hurts a tiny bit ) and ok, she is stubborn !  

But I are not going to talk about the things we were talking about I are going to talk about a little act of kindness. There is another name for it, but I can't think of it right now  ( You tell me and I will send you a treat  :)   )

Here is what happened.   
A very cute and happy waitress, Sierra, took our dinner order and Lady Z decided to have some Crabbie Ginger Beer.   I thought that sounded fun, so I order some too.  She was very familiar with Crabbie, and since she had to go to Vancouver, B.C. to get it, she was surprised and happy to have a glass tonight. 

I have never had Ginger Beer, but now I can say I have tried it. It is a little sweet and refreshing.  We were enjoying our dinner when Sierra came by our table and said

" the couple in the corner just paid for your Crabbie "

What? Where are they?  Why?        Sierra just smiled and sure enjoy, when the bill came, no charge for beverages.  

And we were all smiles.  

And I was all smiles as I took Lady Z back home.   I usually stay for a little visit, but I told her I had plans to get back home where my sister was coming to spend the night. So, she sent me home with a tartlet she had made for our evening treat,  and the "May basket"  she had refreshed with muffins and chocolates.   I usually bring my grandkids around on May Day with a little basket of flowers and candy, but this year, I skipped it.  It was rainy and no grandkids were available.  

So, this morning we are having coffee and May Day treats from a very special lady.

Muffins, one blueberry, and  one chocolate chip 

Lesson :  Do NOT forget to bring a May Basket to Lady Z next year, rain or shine.

I am full

I am happy

I am blessed  

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Anonymous said...

Lovely story xxx