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Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day

I can't remember my first Mother's Day,  44 years ago, but I do remember my first Mother's Day as a grandma.
That was 11 years ago.  That means my oldest grandchild is 11.
That was my first Mother's Day without my own Mother.

But today is Mother's Day 2017.
Some time ago our oldest daughter started hosted this day.
Makes me feel very happy.

Hubby always makes breakfast on Sunday.  Today we shared a tartlet that my Octogenarian friend, Lady Z sent home with me last night.

Hubby surprised me with a beautiful hanging basket and Bartell's gift card, and amusing greeting card  !!

One child is out of town and sure enough, she called. Hubby answered the phone.   We had 20 minutes before we needed to head out the door for Sunday School .  Five minutes into their conversation I thought I better take my Bible to the car along with the things that I need to drop off for Lady Z ( which I forgot yesterday ).

  I also made a quick  powder room stop.

That is when things started to get ..tricky?...

I had carefully dressed in my favorite Maui skirt and matching blue shoes .  It is a long and full skirt and I need to draw a picture of what happened?

I dashed upstairs, skirtless.  grabbed a drab but  fun long skirt, and sparkling shoes.
It is now 10 minutes before take off and hubby is still yakking.

I point to my watch and look frantic.
He got the message

We had our 10 minute chat.
For some reason, when I said goodbye,  my eyes started to swim
Was it because their  house no longer has a place for us to stay
( but yes, maybe out in the RV )

Was it because she was driving and talking on the phone at the same time
( it is legal in their state)
Was it because...NO.
STOP. Do not go there.

It is Mother's Day and I have much to be thankful for.

In Sunday school, someone wanted to sing a melody they did not know...guess who was the only one who knew.?
Singing solos  is not easy, especially for an alto.
( ok. just for you Roman )

Off to Maple valley for our traditional Mother's Day celebration
( thank you Sug )
It is barely noon and I am already feeling tired. 

We have arrived.. 
Delicious tri tip dinner  ( and much, much more )

A very sweet and sentimental card

A bouquet from SIL  ( Son in law ) becoming a tradition

Hanging basket from favorite oldest son  ( tradition ) 

A very special day.
Thank you, one and all

And thanks be to God who gives us all things richly to enjoy

And I did 

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