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Saturday, March 5, 2016

twins - almost triplets

 Always a story behind the smiles...

The younger lady  (she is  the one on the right  ) wore this wrap one day and was excited that we could have one too. Yes, we. There was another young lady who also soon  purchased the fun wrap.

So, last month when I was chatting with Younger Lady, we decided that we would wear our matching wraps on the first Wednesday in March.   I thought she might forget and I struggled with what to wear that day.  Changed three times and in the end was content.

When Younger Lady walked into our meeting, she came right by me and smiled and quickly joined the group.  She remembered !

Funny thing, as Younger Lady came in ( just a little later, so our meeting was almost ready to start and getting quiet ) I overhead a voice say " how embarrassing ".

We planned to do this ( third friend did not get the memo ) .

So, I am curious.  why was it  embarrassing?

 If we had NOT planned it, would YOU be embarrassed if I walked in wearing an outfit just like yours?

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